Calotype Photography

Calotype is a locally-owned portrait studio that creates original photographic artwork for children and families.

Are you tired of bland photography?  Do all photographers look the same? Cheap, copycat, and not worth your time?
Don’t give up looking just yet! Photography is an important part of preserving childhood and your family’s legacy.  It’s how we remember and connect, and if you don’t have your children photographed, it leaves an empty void as they look back over their childhood.

Calotype Portrait Sessions are fun and create long-lasting memories for your family.   We specialize in high quality backgrounds and sets, professional grade lighting, and elegant but casual & natural poses.   We also offer high-quality prints, wall art and albums that will make the most of your portrait investment.

We are a good fit for those who love classic, timeless but natural-looking portraits of their families.

An experience at Calotype can range from $500-2495.  Learn more about what type of Sessions we offer.