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What To Wear For Pictures When You Have Absolutely No Ideas

I love it when a potential client says, “I have no ideas!”

That means, “I have no preconceived notions, I am not trying to match something that’s been done 18000 times on Pinterest, but I love my baby’s face and I want you to photograph it and I hope you have some ideas.”

OF COURSE I DO.  I have so many ideas that sometimes I have to get up from my desk and walk around our downtown block three or four times just to work off the energy.

Here’s my ideas for today.  Check back with me later, because there’s always more. 🙂  But for today, here’s three ideas for what to wear.

That’s right.  Nothing.  IF THEY’RE LITTLE.LITTLE.LITTLE.  If they’re older than one or two years… no.  But for first birthday pictures and under, as far as I’m concerned, a nekked baby running through a soft grassy field is how summer is done in the Ozarks.  Don’t send me hate mail!  I’m not saying you need to post it on Facebook.  It’s just for sentimental mommies that for some bizarre reason love to see naked little baby bottoms.  We can’t help it!   My friend Whitney Scott has a large canvas of her youngest son wearing only his cowboy boots, looking back over his shoulder as he waves an American flag.  He’s probably 1, maybe 2 at the most in the portrait.  Super cute.  I may or may not have stolen the naked kiddo idea from Whitney.

6 month baby boy picture ideas with mommy-25

2. White.  Because this.Little boy photographed on the steps of Big Spring Park in Neosho, MO by Calotype Photography, a children's photographer serving Joplin, Neosho, and NWA Northwest Arkanas


And this:  outfit ideas for little girls


And this:

Baby Picture Outfit Ideas



3. Black.  What, you thought I was going to suggest mustard, gray, olive and complicated layers of Matilda Jane?  Nay, not today.  Today, I want to see your child and their personality.



(If you can’t find black tanks for boys, Wal-mart has them for girls and you can’t tell a difference).  Grab and few and let’s get started!


Your child is so perfect, just how they are.  Sometimes, over-the-top “cute” outfits can take away from how absolutely adorable your child is already.  Let’s try it simple, and see how it goes! The fabulous thing about Calotype— if you don’t love it, you don’t buy it.     Want to know more? Call the studio at 417-658-8865 or email me, Julie,  with your questions.

Julie Stephens is the photographer for Calotype Photography, a children’s portrait studio in Neosho, MO that serves clients from Joplin to NWA (Northwest Arkansas).   Follow her on Instagram, or Facebook.

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