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Newborn (2-8 Days)

This first Portrait Session is the longest!

Allow around 2 hours of time at the studio. Just come and relax, we’ll do all the work.

Bring a few blankets for baby (you can bring hats, bows or accessories if desired, but sometimes it doesn’t fit baby well and they cry). Most babies love to be swaddled, and we already have some neutral swaddle blankets at the studio for your convenience. We keep the studio very warm so babies will sleep, so make sure to wear light-weight clothing. You won’t be in pictures this time, so wear pajamas-if you want!- and rest while we work with baby!

A typical newborn Session usually consists of 45 minutes of getting baby to sleep, then 15 minutes of photography time. We move to a different set or swaddle color, then do it all over again. Getting baby to sleep takes most of the time! If you’re nursing, we have a comfortable lounge where you can fill baby’s belly; if you use formula, make sure to bring whatever accessories you need for baby to have plenty to eat. They sleep best for pictures when they have a full tummy!


Six Weeks

Welcome to a totally different baby!

Now your little one is wide-eyed and alert. He loves his mommy and wants to be held and snuggled. Now is the time for mom or dad to be in portraits with baby- you’re starting to get used to this baby life and you’re falling into a little bit of routine. You may have some time to swish on mascara and style your hair.

We’ll photograph baby by himself, but also do some images of mommy and daddy holding him. Bare shoulders on baby are really sweet at this time, since baby is starting to fill out and get some dimples; another classic style that works great for this age is the simple white onesie.


Three Months

They are still changing rapidly!

Now she wants to hold her head up and look around. She’ll make eye contact and either smile, or study you with a concentrated frown. They have so much personality at three months old! We have plenty of soft chairs and couches to put baby on, so she feels safe and secure.

They can wear a cute outfit, or baby can be in just a diaper with bare shoulders. We can still do swaddles, but they are more loose and drapey because baby likes to wave her hands and kick!

We will probably get some adorable expressions during this Session!


Six Months

At this point, many babies are sitting up with minimal support, or even on their own.

There’s something really cute about this stage—They love to sit IN things, so we have plenty of baskets, pails, chairs, etc. to hold baby. If you have a special chair or bowl or laundry basket that baby loves, you’re welcome to bring it!

This is one of the BEST smiley stages! Bring a few outfits if you want, because baby is usually happy- and they can’t crawl away from us!

If temperatures allow it, we can even go outside. Watching them touch the grass is always adorable. Your six month baby portraits are FUN!


Nine Months

Baby is starting to stand up and hold onto things. They can be a little more aware of their surroundings at this age and sometimes shy, so this would be a good time to bring a familiar stuffed animal, toy, book or blankie.

We have ladders, sofas, and other timeless props for babies to grab onto. This is usually just a one-outfit Session because babies are eager to call it quits- they don’t usually like the strange person with the big camera and they’re ready to scoot back to mommy! But we are just as quick as they are, and we’ll come away with beautiful images, like always.

one year first birthday baby girl.jpg

One Year Old

Congratulations, mom! You’ve survived their first year!

Baby is probably taking first steps, or at least thinking strongly about it! They are lightning fast as they walk or crawl across the camera room, but we’ll be ready with ideas to keep baby still for just a few moments. This is an exciting stage with lots of laughter, a variety of silly looks and sweet expressions. Feel free to bring something that tells baby’s family story- a blanket made by Mimi, or grandad’s jacket, anything special that’s part of baby’s history.



You can have a year’s worth of Portrait Sessions and the Story Pane for less than one individually-purchased Session!