Introducing the FIrst Year Baby Club

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Welcome to the Fastest Year of your Life

The nights are long, but the days are short! Don’t miss the precious moments that go by in the blink of an eye. As a parent, you are the historian for your child- taking care of documenting and keeping the memories of their very first year. We can help you, with regularly scheduled Sessions and a finished, high-quality piece of art that has their first year at a glance.

The Story Pane from Calotype: 8” x 20” on Signature Canvas; with portraits from their three, six, nine and twelve-month Sessions.  (Other finishes available beside Canvas).

The Story Pane from Calotype: 8” x 20” on Signature Canvas; with portraits from their three, six, nine and twelve-month Sessions. (Other finishes available beside Canvas).

The First-Year Baby Club includes six Portrait Sessions at the Studio:   

  • Newborn (2-8 days)

  • Six Weeks

  • Three Months

  • Six Months

  • Nine Months

  • First Birthday

The Baby Club also includes an 8x20 Story Pane (pictured above), which is a custom piece of canvas wall art that includes your choice of portrait from their three, six, nine and twelve-month Session.  (Other finishes than canvas are available, too.)

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The Baby Club is only open to babies in the first year of life. We encourage parents to join while you’re still expecting Baby, that way you’ll have time to plan and talk about the Portrait Sessions with us.

If you’ve already had baby, you can still join at any time during baby’s first year. The price remains the same, we’ll just put our heads together and help you come up with four images for your 8x20 Story Pane that still tell a story!

Read about the different Sessions ages and what kind of portraits to expect >>

What If I just want One or Two Portrait Sessions?

If you just want our usual 60- Minute Portrait Session, the cost is 500.00 (a 30-Minute Portrait Session is 400.00). That is for creative time only, and doesn’t include prints or files. Those are purchased separately. You can read about Calotype pricing and packages here.

But Baby Club admission for six Portrait Sessions

and the 8x20 Story Pane is only 450.00.

You can have a year’s worth of Portrait Sessions and the Story Pane for less than one individually-purchased Session!

More Details

*All Sessions take place at the studio.  For babies sitting on their own (six+ months) we can also go outside, if temperatures permit.

*All Sessions feature the baby only, except for the Six Week “snuggle stage” where we bring in mom and dad for extra support.  As a Baby Club member, you can purchase additional Sibling Sessions or Family Sessions for 50% off regular price!

After your baby “graduates” from the Baby Club, we’ll have your First Year Story Pane ready for pickup in approximately four weeks.  Any other images you order will be ready shortly after your purchase date.

Seeing Your Images

Your images are presented in our projection/viewing room, about one week after your Session.  You select your Story Pane pose at that time, and if you’d like to place an order, you’ll do so then.  PLEASE NOTE that we do NOT “hold” images without payment and there is not a chance to come back and order later. No images are posted online- you order by visiting the studio and viewing them in person. We do have special packages ONLY available for Baby Club members if you’d like to place an order at that time. As a service to you, any image you select for your Story Pane or that you purchase that day will be permanently archived and stored in the studio database. Please understand that any images that are NOT chosen at that time will be deleted.


Don’t blink

In the time it takes to read this, your baby may have changed. Let’s save all the sweetness we can!