Do you supply the outfits?

No— you wear what YOU want, and we'll find a background in the studio or outdoors that has great color harmony with your outfit.  If you don't know what you should wear, call us and we'll be happy to brainstorm and give you some new ideas!  An exception would be our First-Year Baby Club- we do keep neutral swaddle blankets here for Baby Club members.

Where do you shoot?

In our studio, located at 127 E. Main St. in Neosho.  We also have a private, walled-in courtyard behind us that we use.  We frequently visit Big Spring Park (one block west of the studio) and Morse Park (two blocks north-east of the studio) and all the downtown areas in-between.  We don't pick any old background and then put you in front of it— we work just the opposite!  We look at YOU and pick backgrounds/sets that "disappear"— it's about people, we think—not all the stuff around them.

Do you supply props?

Our studio has some timeless, quality furniture such as velvet settees, leather chairs, antique Turkish doors and other key, simplistic pieces.  You're welcome to bring your own props if you feel they are important to you.

Julie loves to help.

Do you have suggestions to add to our FAQ? Email us and it might be posted here to help others!