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Grandparents Day Special

  • Calotype Photography 127 E. Main St. Neosho United States (map)

Grandparents are a gift- let’s honor them, show them love, and recognize the strength, information and guidance that older people can offer!

Friday and Saturday Only, September 6 & 7: 9-6 on Friday and 9-2 on Saturday

Bring your grandparents in for a 30 Minute Studio Session; it can be just one grandparent or both, or ALL… and you can even bring the grandkids* to make an amazing memory! We’ll photograph your grandparents by themselves, then add the grandkids, too.

Some things we learned from last year:

  1. Let’s photograph whatever grandkids can make it to the studio. So many families are separated by distance and busy schedules, and as the kids gets older it’s nearly impossible to get everyone together at exactly the same time. TRY TO, because it’s worth it. But if you’re missing the grandkid that works or lives out of state, DON’T make the other grandkids miss out on the opportunity to have this memory with their grandkids. Let’s photograph who we can get there, because we aren’t promised next year.

  2. On that note, if the grandkids are very young and bouncing off the walls- GREAT! Bring them! They may want to run around the camera room the entire time, but you know what? They’re there! Time is precious, take the picture!

  3. Don’t stress about clothes. Yes, if you can get everyone to dress in similar tones it will look very nice. But you know what else looks nice? Happy kids and grandparents, doing their own thing, and smiling! If granddad always wears his poultry farm hat, then let him wear it in pictures. And if cousin Sophia has been at her dad’s house all weekend and shows up in a rainbow sweatshirt when everyone else is wearing neutral button-downs, IT’S OK. We can work with it! We’re just glad she’s here!

Of course, if you have any questions, email Julie or call the studio at 417-658-8865.

$150.00, paid in advance to book.

Includes a 30-Minute Session of creative studio time + one 8x12 Museum Matte Wall Print (single image).

Does not include any digital files or other prints; those are purchased separately if desired. After your Session, you’ll come back to the studio within a few weeks/days to see the images we created (on a slideshow) and you’ll decide at that point which image you would like as your included 8x12 Museum Matte Wall Print. Please make sure all primary decision makers are present, because this is the only way to view and order images. If you want to order more images such as our exclusive Grandparents Montage, please email Julie requesting a price list.

*This event focuses on grandparents, and the bond between them and their grandchildren. This event excludes extended family portraits. Call or email Julie if you have questions about it.

Call the studio at 417-658-8865 to book or email us. Two days only- limited availability at this price. Let’s celebrate the wonderful people who started your family!

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